Mixed Billing

To Our Valued Patients,

We would like to advise that DM Clinic is transitioning to mixed billing from 1st of April 2023.

Unfortunately, rising costs of staff wages, medical supplies, insurances and utilities, coupled with the fact that the Government has only increased the standard consultation fee by $3.70 over the last 7 years, it is financially no longer possible to continue to provide high quality medical service as bulk billing.

Out-of-pocket fees of $40 for standard consult, will now apply.

Children under 12 years of age and if the consultation is only for a government-funded immunisation will still be bulk billed.

Most of general practices have already become private already. Many local clinics have a rate of 79$ for a normal consultations with some clinics rates of $95-105 in Melbourne.

We have kept the fee as low as possible and patients will be required to pay for their consultation, in full, on the day of their appointment. Your Medicare rebate will be processed during payment and will be back in your account within 24 hours.

We endeavour to deliver the highest level of patient care, with minimal waiting times.

Patients with Overseas Health insurance and students will be billed same as patients with Medicare, though if we could not claim the item straightaway you may have to pay upfront and you will be given an invoice that you can claim later. Private patients please ask the receptionists about the fees.

We will continue to bulk-bill all Health Assessments and Chronic Disease Management Plans.

Here we have provided answers to some of frequently asked questions.


Bulk billing means that the doctor is paid directly by the Government. The Government sets the price paid to the GP for each consultation.


Yes, for children aged12 and younger and for governmental funded immunisations.


The Government put a freeze on GP fees for many years. The bulk billing fees are not keeping up with inflation and the rising costs of staff wages, medical supplies, insurance and utilities etc.

The Government adds an extra payment to GP’s for seeing cardholders, children and pensioners, so the GP’s income is higher for these patient groups but is lower for all other patients.

4. Are there Services that Medicare does not pay for?

Yes, for some services like dressing or syringing of the ears, there is no Medicare item, so you will be paying the fees for that. Also Workcover and TAC, Pre-employment Medicals, Reports for insurances are other services that do not attract a Medicare rebate. When we perform a procedure there might be a procedure fee to provide the practice with expenses for consumable.


Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card or EFTPOS. Accounts are unfortunately not able to be given. Our practice is equipped with TYRO and Medicare Online. These facilities allow the surgery to directly lodge your receipt for Medicare refunds, saving time for patients. Please ask receptionists for any information regarding these rebate options, as well as private fees.

Our Fees from 6/11/2023

Your appointment fee will depend on the type of appointment and how long it takes. If you have a Medicare Card, Medicare will refund to you a proportion of your appointment fee (Medicare Rebate) and you will only be out of pocket the remaining amount.

If you have a Concession card please discuss with the reception and it is within your doctor’s discretion to consider to bulk-bill the consultation if they see appropriate.

Appointment type Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Cost
Standard Consultation $81.40 $41.40 $40
Long Consultation $130.10 $80.10 $50
Extra Long consultation $178.00 $118.00 $60
Telehealth consultation $81.40 $41.40 $40
Mental Health Consultation $125.95 $78.95 $50
Standard Mental Health Plan $150.20 $100.20 $50
Long Mental Health Plan $207.65 $147.65 $60
After Hours Fees:

(Based on Medicare after hours: Weekdays - 8pm onwards, Saturday - 1pm onwards, Sundays and Public Holidays).

Standard Consultation $103.90 $53.90 $50
Long Consultation $152.45 $92.45 $60
Extra Long consultation $199.65 $129.65 $70
Telehealth consultation $81.40 $41.40 $40
Other Fees:

Workcover Standard consultation $95.00 NA
Long Consultation $135.00 NA
Extra Long Consultatio $185.00 NA
All Workcover invoices must be paid on the day by the Patient and then reimbursed by the Employer.
Medicals Various medical reports Fees vary depending on requirements.
Medicals Driving medical for Taxi $120.00 NA $120.00
Driving medical for Uber $120.00 NA $120.00
Implanon and IUD Insertions/Removals Private fees, please enquire within.
Insurance companies Fees can be processed by our Hicaps Machine

Please ask the reception for other services and other Medicare items that may apply.