Phone consultations and Tele-health

We provide tele-health and consultations over the phone. This should help you to stay at home and if possible, to avoid a trip to doctors. We can assist you by send the script to your preferred pharmacy and or preparing a referral letter.

We bulkbill phone consultations and we can have tele-health using the app Zoom. Before your appointment. Make sure that you have downloaded the app, Zoom on your tablet, smartphone or laptop, and you have already provided, your email with us.

You will receive an email just prior to your appointment. please click on the link and open the link in the app Zoom, you will be required to allow camera, and mic, pick a name for yourself, and join the meeting.

If you prefer to have a phone consultation. That can be as easy as making an appointment by asking the receptionist for a phone consultation.

If you're a new patient to the practice. Please collect a patient registration from the clinic or download a copy of the registration form from our website, print and fill it in and send it back to us - Click Here to Download. You might prefer filling-in the form on your computer and send it back to us via email with your name as the subject.

Please do not use email to send us information unless instructed to do so.
  • If you've got an appointment. Be advised that we're not using our waiting area temporarily.
  • When you arrived at Waverley Gardens shopping centre, you may park your car in designated carpark opposite Woolworth, signed on the wall as Covid-19 carpark, then call us on 9558 5554, and advise us that you have arrived. The doctor will call you when they are ready for care for you. The doctor might ask you a few questions about the main reason of your consult, also if you have had any respiratory symptoms or temperature, or whether you or someone you have had contact with have had a recent travel overseas or has been a proven or suspected case of Coronavirus.

After this, you might be invited in for examinations, if appropriate.

  • For the blood collections you also need to make a phone call, prior to your attendance to ensure the nurse is ready to serve you.
  • We understand these might be inconvenient to you, please be patient and we endeavour to assist with your concern.
  • Adapting these procedures should ensure that DM Clinic Mulgrave continues serving the community during the pandemic.
  • We all should take all the precautions, while we don't panic. We are in this battle together.